Player 2 - The Gamer's Companion App

What is Player 2?

Player 2 is a social networking and team building application for gamers. The app is currently in development for use on iOS, Android, and Web.

The Gamer's Companion

Whether a gamer needs teammates to complete an immediate activity, wants to make new friends to game with, or would like to join or start a gaming community, the app is designed to help gamers find the community where they play best, no matter who they are.

Created by

Player 2 is being developed by Dynasty 11 Studios - an independent developer from Philadelphia, PA. For more information about Dynasty 11 Studios, please visit our website - linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Player 2 cost?

Player 2 is free to download and use. However, Players will have the option to upgrade to the Pro subscription for $2.99/month. Player 2 also has an in-app currency called Player Coins, used to buy upgrades ranging from Profile customization to themed SFX packs. Player Coins can be earned through leveling, rewarded for watching ads, or purchased.

How do I create an account?

To register, you will need to provide your name, email, and a password. Once your account is created, you can then sync your account with your gaming platform accounts.

How will my personal information be used and protected?

No personal information provided to Player 2 will be disclosed under any circumstances. Only blind statistical data trends will be monitored to evaluate the viability of features within the app.

Are there parental controls?

Player 2 is for users aged 13 and older. Players aged 13-17 will only be matched with like-aged users.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes. The Code of Conduct is detailed in-app and specifies forbidden content and language. Controls are also in place to report offensive content - requisite action will then be swiftly taken by the Dynasty 11 team.

Are there games in Player 2?

Yes! Player 2 itself is designed like a game. By completing various actions throughout the app, Players rank up their Player Level. Through leveling up, Players receive rewards including Flair, Color Themes, and Player Coins. Additionally, Player 2 has in-app mini-games created by Dynasty 11 Studios.

For more information about the creators of Player 2, Dynasty 11 Studios, please visit our website.